Are officers and Directors of the Foundation paid positions?
No. Neither the Executive Officers nor Directors receive any form of compensation (including monetary or otherwise) for their involvement with the Foundation.
How do I claim my tax deduction?
At the beginning of each calendar year, the Beta Chi Theta Foundation will distribute a Letter of Acknowledgment for each donor, which will include the total amount of donations for the year. In addition to this, any single donation greater than or equal to $250 will receive its own Letter of Acknowledgement upon receipt, per IRS requirements. Note that the Letter of Acknowledgement is for Donor/Foundation records only.
Can I see where my money is going?
The Foundation is required by Federal Law to produce a full financial statement for each fiscal year. This financial statement is accessible on the Foundation Homepage. In addition to the financial statement, the Foundation will include a full newsletter within the publication on the website.
How do I get involved with the Foundation?
We are always looking for volunteers who can help spread the word about the Foundation and help us achieve our fundraising goals. Please contact Samarth Patel at foundation.chief@betachitheta.com, and our team will contact you.